Sheep to Yarn Experiment

7 Jun

A fascinating blog about one artist’s creative journey from watching sheep being sheared to making art from the wool that she created … and all the learning and processes on the way …

Sticks, Stones, and Paper Stew Blog

A few years ago (2016) I pondered and acted upon the question “how does one process wool and create yarn?” Thanks to several friends and lots of You Tube searches I set forth on the wool/yarn learning pathway. It’s taken several years and countless hours working with the Physical Therapist (not easy for my spine/back muscles) to reach the spinning stage. A month ago I took a local beginning spinning class which was essential since I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with a borrowed wheel.  The process finally is creating yarn! Here are a few highlights from the journey thus far:

img_2447 Waiting for shearing (Ewes, not the lambs)

Step 1: Have friends with sheep! Especially friends who grow sheep for meat and the wool  can ends up composting or on Craigs List. The sheep require a yearly shearing in spring depending on when the lambs are born. This breed…

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2 Responses to “Sheep to Yarn Experiment”

  1. Sharon Mann June 7, 2019 at 14:50 #

    Thanks Rosie, fascinating process and amazing art.

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