Woodcut in the bog

11 Mar

This is a great visual blog from artist Patti McKenna Jones


One of the ‘bloody women’ I’m paying tribute to in the upcoming exhibition at Cinema & Co Swansea is Andrea Levy. I was impressed and depressed by her novel ‘Small Island’ (about the unbelievable levels of discrimination meted out to the Windrush despite them being invited to live in the UK after WW2) when I read it 10 years ago. She admitted to developing a flinty bloody- mindedness in order to get published in her final interview -released on R4 recently & really worth a listen. Here is the woodcut of her beautiful face in progress but you’ll have to pop into the toilet in C&Co to see the finished print….

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2 Responses to “Woodcut in the bog”

  1. paperstew March 11, 2020 at 17:50 #

    I hope you’re going to show us, the blogging world, your finished print. Looks like a large block!
    Glad Sparta is helping out. MeMe says “Hi! Will you please help me get rid of the other two torties at my house? I hate them!

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