Heavy Man, Little Women and Huge Corset.

7 Nov

Ink drawing: City ranger and corset!


A load of artists got together in the centre of the city last Saturday to do two hours of disruptive art events, a mostly humourous approach to involving the public in some off-beat art and completely independent of any funding bodies and their agendas.Although the organisers had cleared the event with police and local authority, the ‘City Rangers’ a group of uniformed non-police, obviously felt very threatened by all these anti-social, dangerous artists and did their very best to get some of us off the street. I worry about the range of people employed as uniformed street security. Police officers were walking around and joining in with the spirit of the thing, but these guys seemed to enjoy strutting around trying to be intimidating and impose their own brand of censorship on the whole thing.

This very large ‘Ranger’ didn’t like the women putting the giant corset across ‘his’ street. He gave them hassle. They were half his size and mostly a good generation or so older than him. They carried on. He really tried to intimidate them and move them on – they were having none of it and loads of people got involved, all ages, all walks of life. People were invited to write their thoughts about women and the role of women onto strips of material and then pin it to the corset. By the end of the session, it was jampacked with cotton writings fluttering like bunting. Some very insightful and moving stuff, some not but there you are. The great thing about recording through drawing instead of photography or film is that you have to stay put for quite a while and you get really absorbed in what’s going on and people interact in a different way than thye generally would with a photographer.

4 Responses to “Heavy Man, Little Women and Huge Corset.”

  1. Hansi at 16:52 #

    Nice drawing…sounds like a fun event.

  2. Liz Dees at 21:23 #

    Wow sounds fab, I wish I was there. Is it swansea? I want to make a giant corset too, how inpiring. Lovely drawing too.

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