Filthy Weather And A Civilised Pot Of Tea.

4 Feb

Ink sketches in the bookshop.


Filthy weather today. We were promised snow but as usual, the bit of the Guf Stream that swirls around in the bay made the temperature just slightly too high for the rain to freeze out into snow. So we had freezing rain and driving winds instead. Horrible. Spent the morning at Swansea Print Workshop but was thoroughly fed up by the afternoon so sloped off into the city with husb and took refuge in the lovely cafe in Waterstone’s bookshop. I love this cafe. The bookshop was originally an old cinema, built in the very early days of the movies and it’s a beautiful building. It survived the WW2 blitz and the 1960’s town planning atrocities and Waterstones took it over and lovingly restored it. I love the idea of a cafe in a bookshop. You can buy your book and then cwtch into a comfy chair upstairs with a nice pot of tea and a toasted teacake and start reading your purchase without setting foot outside into the vile weather. Lovely.

I sketched a couple of people at nearby tables. The elderly man in braces had his head down, reading his book in his lap. The younger man kept his hat on over his very trendy haircut [does anyone say trendy these days?] while he chatted to the young lady he came in with. It was on the news today that sales of teapots in Britain have fallen because we’re all making our tea with teabags in mugs. Not in Waterstones – the tea comes in lovely little fat white china pots with matching cups and saucers.

4 Responses to “Filthy Weather And A Civilised Pot Of Tea.”

  1. paperstew February 5, 2012 at 20:11 #

    Sounded like a perfect day for sketching. Glad you still have places to sit & enjoy a real pot of tea. We have a couple of tearooms in the area but most places give out teabags… I must admit I’ve reverted back to bags at the moment for for a quick cup. Hope your weather shifts soon!

  2. jenniferloftis February 5, 2012 at 17:07 #

    Sounds like a dreary day. But it’s lovely to sit in a cafe for the afternoon and read and sketch!

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