I’m back – St. Paul’s – The Aftermath

1 Mar

Ink Sketch: St. Paul's Cathedral, London.


I’ve been away for a couple of days and really missed blogging. Had a chance of a quickie visit to London and couldn’t resist the lure of buying some new supplies at Intaglio Printmaker and immersing myself in The British Museum. But that was the next day. I travelled up late afternoon and went for a lovely meal in Chinatown with Husb – Morning Glory with garlic mmmmmmmmmm! Then we wandered over to see what was happening at the anti-capitalist camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral. There had been an eviction the night before and we stood outside at around 9.30 pm but it wasn’t dark. There was a heavy police presence and all the exterior lights were blazing, but the atmosphere was calm enough and knots of remaining protesters chatted with small groups of police.

I know that some of the protestors were people with jobs and homes, but quite a lot are genuinely homeless and / or vulnerable and these have now gone to the other protest camp in Finsbury Square, which is in a much poorer borough. Couldn’t The City, with all it’s wealth and huge banker bonuses, afford to do something for such unfortunate people instead of shunting them off into a part of the city that already has a disproportionate amount of social problems?

This was drawn very quickly and what struck me was the abundance of vertical and horizontal lines, an effect created partly by the bright lighting. I thought the police caps were very hard to draw.

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