Pants And Preserves

16 Dec

16 pants

I’m a grumpy old git and proud of it. Honestly, I sound just like my Dad did back in the day. Husb and I were battling through the Xmas crowds in the city centre yesterday and got stuck behind these two young lads, wearing these RIDICULOUS trousers without belts or braces so that we get an eyeful of their underpants and bumcracks while the hems of their jeans scrape the floor! How ridiculous!  These particular ones had handles riveted to the back, just below the beltloops, so you can hang the little idiots up on a hook when they get under their Mams feet. And they moved so SLOWLY! Because the crotch of their pants was down around their knees. So they had to shuffle! I drew this from memory. The sight is seared into the back of my eyelids!

Anyway, today was far more productive. Because of the torrential rain I decided to stay in the kitchen and make loads of preserves with the fruit in the freezer that we grew in the summer. Four jars of bramble jelly, four of spicy redcurrant jelly, four of berry butter, four of rhubarb chutney and a bottle of spiced blackcurrant cordial. Lovely.

16 preserves

That’s a few Xmas presents sorted 🙂

19 Responses to “Pants And Preserves”

  1. Lemon at 15:33 #

    Falling off my chair laughing! I can not believe that “look” is still in. What happens if they have to run for their lives? Modern day natural selection, I guess.

    • Rosie Scribblah at 19:50 #

      hahaha that didn’t occur to me – survival of the least stupid pants wearers lol

  2. Great blog Rosie! I’m with you with the flares and platform boots. I thought they were fab at the time. Unfortunately son went through that baggy pants phase for a while…luckily he’s grown out of that. Literally!

  3. Nancy Farmer at 17:49 #

    Ha Ha, so totally with you on the trousers. I am convinced that whatever teenage fad we succumbed to in out youth was not nearly so silly!
    …mmm preserves. Berry butter? does it have butter in it, or is it just a texture thing? I came across a recipe for ‘tomato butter’ once, but I can’t remember what it had in it. I always like the idea of making these things but mostly I just grow the stuff, I don’t consider anything post-picking to be part of my job – that’s the other half’s!

    • Rosie Scribblah at 18:56 #

      Flares and platform boots *blush* 😀 The berry butter is a type of jam – the Victorians made thickish jams from pureed fruit and called them butters or cheeses depending on how much sugar was used. They’re delicious, especially as a filling for a Victoria Sandwich mmmmm

  4. ispiderbook at 15:35 #

    Hi Scribblah!
    I’ve nominated you for a Blogger of the year Award. Hope that’s OK.
    I Spider.

  5. Hansi at 14:58 #

    Another great American fashion statement thats made its way across the pond. Looks like they are going a pee pee.

    • Rosie Scribblah at 18:57 #

      Yes – isn’t it something to do with sexual availability in American prisons? I wanted to trip them up but then I’d be the bad guy!

  6. Tin Roof Press at 10:37 #

    still not sorted for xmas – and i’ve already attended 2 xmas parties with secret santas. this is one looooong xmas season

  7. Helen Cherry at 00:20 #

    They’ll grow out of it…. and hey you must be getting old !! ( me too ‘cus I think they look soooo silly! )

  8. Haha so funny those boys with their troosers!

  9. kate wilson at 22:36 #

    You didn’t draw a picture on the labels!?

  10. Have you ever been stopped at a light and one of the saggers dropped their pants? They slip, little by little, over their flat little backside, until “oops”, they had to grab the back and pull it back up. Very funny.

    • Rosie Scribblah at 22:28 #

      Oh the horror! Not had anything quite that bad yet. Saggers – that’s a good word lol

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