Out Of The Darkness (female nude)

29 Apr

Rose Davies female nude

I’m off to the USA in a few hours to work in Wingtip Press with a group of artists from Idaho, Utah and Oregon. I’m so excited!!!! On one of the days, I’ll be leading the group in a drawing workshop, using the maniere noire style. The phrase means ‘in the dark manner’ and is usually associated with mezzotint. I learnt this technique from Irish artist, Aoife Layton and I love the way that the image comes out of the darkness. The effect is lush and voluptuous. Mezzotint seems to be making a comeback and there are lots of British printmakers using this technique now. Apart from Aoife, I particularly like Martin Langford, who works in mezzotint, etching and linoblock.

And now I must try and get a bit of sleep because tomorrow is going to be a long day.

14 Responses to “Out Of The Darkness (female nude)”

  1. myetchingstudio May 2, 2013 at 12:16 #

    I taught a workshop at Wingtip last year when I was in the USA- great group- & Idaho is amazing. Powerful work, by the way.

  2. Hansi April 30, 2013 at 14:54 #

    Voluptuous indeed. very nice Have a nice time on my side of the pond.

    • Rosie Scribblah May 1, 2013 at 06:00 #

      Closer then you think – I’m stranded in San Francisco lol

  3. allesistgut April 30, 2013 at 07:59 #

    I like the dark tone in this sketch. And have fun in the U.S.

  4. veronicacay April 30, 2013 at 03:07 #

    Wow sounds like you are going to have a great time – enjoy the change of scenery.

  5. Lovely tonal qualities. Good luck with the trip. I am looking forward to lots of posts.

  6. Tin Roof Press April 30, 2013 at 00:33 #

    this one is so gorgeous.

  7. kestrelart April 30, 2013 at 00:10 #

    And as for the link to Aoife Layton … Fabulous birds

  8. kestrelart April 30, 2013 at 00:08 #

    This is fantastic

  9. Sketchy on the Detail April 29, 2013 at 23:10 #

    Have a great trip and I look forward to the 601st post filled with rattlesnakes!

  10. Rosie Scribblah April 29, 2013 at 23:07 #

    ps this is my 600th post!

  11. Not So Great Dictator April 29, 2013 at 23:01 #

    Reblogged this on Not So Great Dictator Speaks With Words and commented:
    Great drawing.

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