Pre Teen Lethargy

2 May

pre teen

Our pre-teen nephew is having a sleepover with us. He’s annexed the large settee with the best view of the television and installed himself for the duration. He’s at a funny stage of development with his face starting to assume adult proportions, but still quite squished up in a large head which sort of wobbles on top of a skinny body with Bambi legs tapering off into the distance. I think this scribble captures that adolescent lethargy. I used 3 grades of graphite sticks into my A5 hardbacked sketchbook.

2 Responses to “Pre Teen Lethargy”

  1. jhv57 May 5, 2015 at 12:40 #

    Difficult pose. So evocative- love it.
    Also love the way you connect with your family, and animals and community.
    Oh, yes. And baked goods, preserves , garden….

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