Ugly, Lovely, Bonkers

1 May


I worked on a collaborative project with fellow artist, Melanie Ezra recently. It’s an artist map, one of a series of twelve designed by artists across the country. We have chosen our own quirky route through Swansea’s city centre, pointing out the little idiosyncrasies that interest us and illustrating the walk with our artwork. Swansea is full of art, culture and history and in this little map we’re only just touching on the things that fascinate us in our ugly, lovely, bonkers city.

on the map

The map is published by Sampson Low and is available on Amazon (here) along with the other 11 artist maps at a very reasonable price so if you want you can get your own copy and read up more about the quirky seashore city of Swansea. It’s also great as a present.

map poster


The twelve maps are currently being exhibited at the Sunbury Embroidery Gallery, The Walled Garden, Thames Street, Sunbury-on-Thames, TW16 6AB. The show runs until May the 10th. You can find out more about the other 11 maps here. I particularly like ‘Seventeen Mundane Moments in Tate Modern’ by Peter S. Smith and ‘The Rats’ Republic’ by Dean Reddick.


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