Lots Of Linos

18 Jul

step 1

I’ve been working at Swansea Print Workshop for most of the week, printing the first colour in a series of reduction lino prints. We printmakers often call this the ‘suicide’ method because you don’t use separate blocks for each colour, instead you cut away the first colour, print it, then cut away the second colour, print that and so on until the block is more or less destroyed. This means there’s no room for error. So I’ve printed a mid grey onto a white Shoji Japanese tissue. Over the next few days I’ll be cutting the blocks and then printing the next colour, a dark grey. The images are based on drawings I have done of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial in the snow; I visited Berlin a couple of winters ago in severe weather, it was fantastic. People skied and skated on the frozen river.



The linocuts are part of a new body of work I’m doing for a new exhibition coming up in August at Oriel Ceri Richards with the 15 Hundred Lives art collective: collagist Sylvie Evans, painter Graham Parker and me. We’ll be doing a lot more beside the exhibition. More of that later 🙂



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