A round of updates from FIRE Lab

29 May

Something about the recent work I’ve been doing with Swansea University’s FIRE Laboratory …


We have been posting on the FIRE Lab blog for around 7 months now, and we recently held a lab meeting, since Sayali returned, and decided we would move to writing a blog post every two weeks instead of weekly.  So you will be hearing less from us, but we hope that when do hear from us, we have a lot of exciting things to share!

We also have a few other updates to share as our group continues to grow and so do the interesting research and engagement opportunities.

Last week I walked the Tawe River, starting in Swansea with our collaborator Rose Davies. Rose and I took the opportunity to test out walk and draw as a method for engagement and creative expression as we strolled along the river. Rose has been sharing a few of the lovely sketches she made, and some reflections, from our walk over…

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