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Another Exhibition Piece

19 May


Well, I think this is an installation. Or it may be a sculpture? I’m not sure. Anyway, it’s something I’m exhibiting at anotther show in the Fringe Arts Bath, this time with the 12:34 group from Swansea. It’s a cardboard box; on the outside I’ve collaged inkjet prints of digitally altered photographs taken during a visit to berlin in a heavy winter a couple of years ago. On the inside, I’ve placed a drawing in ink on acetate based on the very graphic imagery of the Holocaust Memorial. I painted and drew on a small wooden artist’s mannequin and stuck that in front of the acetate. Then finally, I’ve put a small light source behnd the acetate to backlight it.

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It’s quite different for me, but I’m starting to like doing drawing installations, taking drawing off the wall and out into three dimensional space.

It’s FAB

30 May

wordpress 30 may

I’m in Bath, invigilating an exhibition that I have some work in. It’s the 12:34 group show at FAB 3 in York Street, part of Fringe Arts Bath. I took a small easel and drawing materials to draw to pass the time. I don’t like drawing buildings, inside or out, but there wasn’t much else to do. I’ve been looking out of the window onto the Georgian rooftops of the baths, amazing architecture.It’s a good exercise in drawing what you actually see, rather than what you think you see. Common sense suggests that the white gallery walls are lighter than the view outside the window, but squinting my eyes showed that the opposite is true. I used black and white conte crayons, a traditional dip pen with Indian ink and some Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens onto a piece of recycled Bockingford paper, about size A3.

That’s one of my maniere noire drawings on the wall and I’ve included it in the drawing.

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