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Upside Down Model and Why Things Cost an Arm and a Leg!

15 Sep

Ink drawing: One model upside down.


I like a challenge when I’m at life drawing and enjoy things like extreme foreshortening and drawing hands and feet, which I think are probably the most difficult parts of the human body to sketch. Now and again we get a model willing to go that bit further and do a more challenging pose, which often involves them in some discomfort – they suffer for our art!

I had a few challenges with this one. Our model lay on a table with his head facing towards me so there was a bit of foreshortening; there was a hand involved and his head was lolling over the edge of the table, partly upside down. I don’t go for an easy life! The test to see if you’ve drawn a pose like this successfully is to turn it upside down and the face should look like the model and be in proportion. Luckily, it looks like him.

The expression “It costs an arm and a leg” comes from centuries ago when rich people commissioned artists to paint their portrait. There was a basic rate just for a head and shoulders portrait. An arm was extra. A leg cost even more. Two arms and two legs were only for the immensely rich.

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