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Cockles And Icecream

15 Apr

Ink sketch: the beach at Burryport.

Still babysitting and we took the two little ‘uns to the beach at Burryport today. It’s a funny little town which has been a bit rundown for many years, yet has a beautiful harbour with Georgian cottages, a lighthouse and a lovely beach. The car park had a coupke of vans selling seafood and icecream and the sprogs munched their way through a pot of cockles each and finished their repast with a traditional Mr. Whippy. Then off for some beachcombing where I did a couple of sketches. You have to work fast when kids are running around but it’s surprising how much you can get down in a hurry. I love sketching these ordinary little moments in my life; the memories are so much more vivid than they would be with a camera. I just have to flick through my sketchbook and it comes back; the salty taste of the air; the popping sound of the seaweed underfoot, like nature’s bubblewrap; the vivid blue sky and the dark grey ‘Granny’s Custard’. Here’s Husb above with our little great-niece and below our great-nephew exploring a rock pool.

Ink sketch: small boy on the beach.

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