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Flappy Hands!

26 Apr

I carried on with the drawing I started yesterday. I left the hands to the last because they’re HARD! So I spent most of this afternoon twisting my left hand awkwardly in a mirror and trying to draw it with my right. I finally got one I’m reasonably happy with so I’m now ready to transfer it to the drawing. When it comes to hands and feet, there’s no substitute in my opinion for practice and academic study. You just got to grit your teeth and get on with it. And no matter how many years practice you put in, you’ll still get it wrong. I’m absolutely certain that all the greats, Leonardo, Michaelangelo and the rest of the Renaissance painters have loads of ‘wrong’ hands flapping about underneath the final versions 🙂

Drawn in HB pencil into an ‘Artbox’ recycled leather bound A6 sketchbook.

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