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The European

14 Nov

I almost always carry a sketchbook and I’ll sit quietly and scribble wherever I am. I was at a symposium a few weeks ago and this was one of the speakers, an immaculately dressed and groomed man. Of course he was, he’s European. Oh dear, I’m indulging in scandalous stereotypes here but the British men present just didn’t cut the mustard at all.


Here’s one I did a while back of Brits in the sunshine…..




The Disappearing Eyebrows!

2 Apr

Work in progress: life drawing in charcoal, ink and oil bar.

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I thought Husb’s eyebrows might take over the universe. He was straight up the barber shop this morning for a haircut and a spot of eyebrow grooming. His eyebrows are now beautifully trimmed and don’t rest on top of his specs anymore. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence though :).

In the studio I’ve been working on this drawing. I’ve  used this same image quite a few times now. It started out as a small sketchbook life-drawing and I scaled it up and made a full-colour monotype from it and also did it as a smallish oil painting. Now I’m drawing it onto Fabriano Accademica paper, in oilbars on top of a background of inks sprayed on with one of those funny little mouth-spraying gadgets, overlaid with scribbled charcoal. I like reworking the same image in different media because it changes so much from the original depending on what materials I use. I previously stretched the paper and sized it with several layers of rabbit-skin glue. I love the surface it gives to work on, but it makes my studio smell like a butcher’s shop.

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