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Am I A Voyeur?

4 Sep

Visiting the hospital so frequently gives me the opportunity to sketch new people. It’s a bit uncomfortable at times because I wonder if I’m being voyeuristic. I censor myself to a degree; I won’t draw anyone who is obviously in distress or is terminally ill, but also, I don’t let them know I’m drawing them either. Is this bad of me? If I let them know, they might be less ‘natural’ – and also they might have expectations of the finished sketch. And that’s the thing; these are only quick sketches, not painstaking formal portraits.  I think that many artists are voyeurs, but so are photographers and writers, even those doing sociological and anthropological research. Does that make it OK? Should we ask permission to record and interpret everything we see around us? That’s coming a bit too close to censorship for comfort. Maybe it’s in my nature to be a voyeur and I should stop worrying about it.

Here’s the man in the bed opposite my relative. He’s pretty robust and jolly and he’s having a snooze here in his armchair. I’ve drawn this with my Pilot V5 Hi-Techpoint pen into my A6 recycled ‘Artbox’ leather bound sketchbook – it’s nearly finished – just one page to go.

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