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19 Jan


I’ve been taking advantage of babysitting family sprogs to carry on practicing drawing heads of children. It was the two-year old’s turn today. I mesmerised him with a DVD of Tractor Tom and scribbled with graphite into my A5 Tate Gallery sketchbook. I had a couple of attempts first before it finally clicked and I’ve ended up with a reasonable likeness and a drawing that I like. I’m very pleased with the flexible and flowing line the graphite has given me.

I tend to fail at portraiture with children because I can’t accept the extreme proportions that are right in front of my eyes but this time I forced myself to pay close attention to what was actually there and forget the nagging voice in my head telling me that the proportions couldn’t possibly be like that. The face is very small and drops away at the bottom of the head, leaving a very large brow. The little ear, so round, is set very far back, the upper lip juts out further than the tip of the nose and the chin falls away completely. And there’s the MASSIVE cheeks (food storage pouches) and huge eyes to contend with. It shoudn’t work but it does. Yes, chuffed with that 😀

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