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Blue Face

16 Feb

16 natieModel, artist and mate Natie popped into Creative Bubble on Saturday and posed for me so I could practice drawing a portrait. I’ve never been a formal portraitist, life drawing is about anatomy for me, not about getting a likeness of the model’s face. But I’m working on an idea for my next biggish exhibition and I need to get better at capturing likenesses. It’s better to practice with a professional model and / or fellow artists because you can come up with all sorts of weird stuff while trying to get to a likeness, and non-professionals can end up getting very insulted.

In this I’m trying to get the components of the face in the right place and familiarise myself with all the bits, so I’m not that bothered about subtlety and finesse. Luckily, Natie didn’t seem to mind. I used chalk and compressed charcoal onto a discarded cyanotype on Bockingford paper that I found in the bin at the print workshop. It’s about 20cm square. It will feed into a larger piece eventually.


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