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The Ghostly Velocette

23 Aug

This evening was a bit overcast but warm, so we took a drive to Oxwich Bay on the Gower Peninsula, one of the most beautiful beaches in Britain set in Britain’s first designated area of outstanding natural beauty – and just a short drive away.There is a long road down to the beach, down a steep hill with some spectacular bends at the bottom, sweeping around large areas of saltmarsh. When I was a young biker, local lore had it that in the dim and distant past, a local motorcycle racer went for a spin on his new Velocette racing machine in the moonlight, took one of the bends too sharply and spun out of control into the saltmarsh, where he and his motorbike lie to this day, never seen again. It was said that during a full moon, the sound of a ghostly Velocette engine could be heard carrying over the marshes. I can remember a few of us riding down to Oxwich one night, after a few pints. I was young and very scared of the dark. We didn’t hear anything.

The tide around here goes out a long way and the beaches tend to be shallow, so when the tide is fully out, you can walk miles and explore the shoreline from the sea side rather than the land side and see lots of quite steep exposed rocks with wonderful rock pools, covered in many different weeds and full of anemones and fish. Here’s Husb looking down into one of them. The limpets make the smooth rocks look spotty.

ps I’m not advocating drinking and riding. I was young and daft when I did it.

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