Apple Pulp Cake and Eggbound to Gilgit

2 Oct

Spicy Apple Sultana Cake.

It’s been a great year for apples and apart from the glut on our own tiny trees, people have been generous and given us loads, mostly cooking apples. I’ve been trying to find different uses and recipes for them and yesterday Melvyn juiced half a carrier bag full and made us some sensational fresh apple and cucumber juice. It was gorgeous and just the thing for this brilliant Indian Summer we’re having.

One of the problems with a small domestic juicer is that there’s a lot of pulp. I know I could put it in the compost bin, but I hate the waste. I’ve developed a lovely carrot cake recipe with pulp, so today I experimented and made this spicy apple sultana cake. It’s quite puddingy as I used nearly a pound of apple pulp but it’s really nice served warm with cream. I drizzled some of our home-made elderflower syrup over the top as it came out of the oven to glaze it.

Ink drawing: Bisham, Pakistan.

The drawing is one I did in a tiny travel sketchbook on my trip around Pakistan back in 2007. I travelled with 8 Brits, 16 Danes and varying amounts of Pakistanis in a minibus throughout the plains and mountains and one night we stayed in a government hostel in Bisham. The next day we woke up to this amazing scene – mountains bigger than any I have ever seen and a beautiful valley studded with flowering trees. The only thing available for breakfast was eggs – in abundance – and we travelled onwards to Gilgit on the Karakoram Highway quite eggbound.

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