A Jar A Cat And Tasmanian Sleep Balm

19 Feb

Ink sketch: still life.

I drew a still-life yesterday and I thought I’d continue the theme for a while. Almost all my work is based on the human form so it’s a bit of a challenge for me to do something else and the still-life genre is an historical one and it’s good to keep up traditions, in my opinion. It’s also a bit of a challenge choosing things to put together into a still-life. If you collect together a load of branded items, it can end up looking like an advert. On the other hand, putting together domestic objects can be a bit boring.  So I had an entertaining half an hour searching through the house trying out different things together, discovering all sorts of stuff I didn’t know I had in nooks and crannies [also some nooks and crannies I didn’t know I had!].  It’s tempting to choose timeless objects, emulating historical still-lifes, but I wanted to use things that are fairly new, that reflect modern life.

Here’s my Winsor and Newton jar, kindly bought for me by my inlaws, which doubles up as a toothbrush holder; and a little porcelain cat that used to be a light pull in the bathroom until it fell off and I put something else on the end of the string and put the cat on a bookshelf on the landing. Then there’s the tin of lavender Tasmanian sleep balm that my dear cousin Myriam sent from Australia to help with my insomnia. It does. I still get insomnia but I stroke some balm onto my temples and usually nod back off pretty quickly. It lives on the shelf next to my pillow with my stack of books that I mean to read and recent copies of New Scientist magazine and one of those word puzzle magazines [Codewords – I can’t get enough of them] with adverts for stair lifts and commode chairs on the back.  They all have those adverts. I don’t think the publishers are aiming them at the youth market.

2 Responses to “A Jar A Cat And Tasmanian Sleep Balm”

  1. Russell. February 21, 2012 at 18:38 #

    Great title for a book! Great sketch!

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