Drawing A Small Scruffy Cat.

4 Apr

Ink sketch: small scruffy cat.

Ming The Merciless is a rescued cat. She was liberated from someone who neglected her so badly that she nearly died of starvation and untreated infections. She was about 10 months old when we rescued her and we had a terrible four days and nights where she was touch and go at the vets, but she pulled through and she’s now 10 years old and an absolute joy to live with. I detest people who are cruel to animals. If they can be so appalling to animals, they can also be equally appalling to their fellow humans. I would like to make animal abusers suffer the same fate as their helpless little victims.

She’s a tiny little thing, a pretty tortoiseshell [calico] semi-longhair kitty with one eye, she lost the other because of one of the infections she had due to neglect. Her fur is mostly a pale pinky-beige with brown markings and white socks and bib. But she’s really scruffy. No matter how much I brush her [and that’s taking my life into my hands!] she scruffs up again in seconds. Her favourite place is on top of the boiler in the kitchen, with a view into the garden. Here she is earlier this evening, looking at me drawing her and resting her head on one of the central heating pipes. It was almost too hot for me to touch but it didn’t bother her at all.

So here’s the problem – drawing such a hairy little scruffy furball of a cat.  I used a very fine pen, size 0.5mm into an A6 sketch book and scribbled. Then scribbled some more. And a bit more scribbling. It’s not a bad likeness at all.

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