Princess Pea

15 Oct

15 princess 2

I spent several happy hours at a friend’s smallholding today, up a mountain, out in the fresh air and sunshine, shovelling horse manure! I also hung around while she fed her delightful pea fowl. Most of them are adults but there is one little chick. I’ve nicknamed her Princess Pea.  The adults are huge; Princess Pea is about the size of a Sunday roast chicken. Her parents have elegant headresses but hers is like a stubby Mohican! It was great to have a chance to draw birds up close; for me it emphasises their dinosaur-like qualities. They’re not easy to draw though; like other birds, they don’t stop moving and speed sketching is unavoidable.

15 princess 1

After a while they became very agitated and started making a strange sound that they use to warn of predators.  I suppose that predators would stare at them like I do. I’ve found that dogs don’t like me drawing them either, probably because of the staring, but I’ve yet to find a cat that was bothered. Drawn into my Laura Ashley cloth-bound A5 sketchbook with a Faber Castell Drawing pen size S in sepia.

8 Responses to “Princess Pea”

  1. allesistgut at 07:48 #

    I guess it was a lot of fun to watch these birds and sketch them. 🙂 Alone the fresh mountain air must have been so delicious.

  2. Alli Farkas at 03:23 #

    My personal take on cats is that they never want you to know what they’re thinking. So while they might be bothered, they would never let on!

  3. KnitNell at 21:43 #

    You have caught the essence of the birds even with the few lines. I also have a problem sketching my dog, she loves having her photo taken but if she sees me staring at her with my sketchbook she becomes very agitated and won’t lie/sit still – v strange.

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