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Princess Pea

15 Oct

15 princess 2

I spent several happy hours at a friend’s smallholding today, up a mountain, out in the fresh air and sunshine, shovelling horse manure! I also hung around while she fed her delightful pea fowl. Most of them are adults but there is one little chick. I’ve nicknamed her Princess Pea.  The adults are huge; Princess Pea is about the size of a Sunday roast chicken. Her parents have elegant headresses but hers is like a stubby Mohican! It was great to have a chance to draw birds up close; for me it emphasises their dinosaur-like qualities. They’re not easy to draw though; like other birds, they don’t stop moving and speed sketching is unavoidable.

15 princess 1

After a while they became very agitated and started making a strange sound that they use to warn of predators.  I suppose that predators would stare at them like I do. I’ve found that dogs don’t like me drawing them either, probably because of the staring, but I’ve yet to find a cat that was bothered. Drawn into my Laura Ashley cloth-bound A5 sketchbook with a Faber Castell Drawing pen size S in sepia.

Husband And Horse Slurry.

1 Apr

Ink sketch: my husb chilling.

Had a hard day on the allotment today, both of us doing loads of digging into heavy clay-ey soil. Then when we got home I had to move a huge trug full of horse slurry that had been fermenting all winter and spread it round the rhubarb, loganberries, blueberries and fig. Honestly, it was bubbling away like The Bog Of Eternal Stench from the film Labyrinth. I love the way that Nature recycles a load of manure into rhubarb crumble! Yum :).

Just rattled off a quickie sketch of Husb chilling out on Facebook. We’re both slumped into chairs, too tired for anything else. I think his eyebrows are going to take over the universe.

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