Different Direction

27 Oct

Punjab storm 4 small

I spent April this year in Pakistan, on an artist residency. It’s taken a few months for me to make sense of the experience. It’s so different to my everyday life in Wales and the art that has been developing out of it has been very different too. I normally work with the human form, either as nudes or figures within cityscapes, but I’m now developing abstracted landscapes based on fleeting impressions I made in my travel sketchbook. I’ve been reinterpreting the sketches in monotype and in more considered drawings, in soft oil pastels onto heavyweight black paper.

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I’ve just framed up this set of four drawings for the Xmas show at Oriel Ceri Richards in the Taliesin Arts Centre. It opens on Friday November the 7th and runs until December the 23rd. These were based on fleeting sketches done during a spectacular thunderstorm on the road between Rawalpindi and Lahore. The colours were extraordinary, totally unlike anything I’d seen before.

2 Responses to “Different Direction”

  1. allesistgut October 28, 2014 at 08:49 #

    I love your series very much. Abstracting landscapes aren’t easy and you did it very well. Have a lovely day. Sunny greetings from the Baltic Sea.

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