Warts ‘N’ All

9 Jun


Here’s the last of my series of 8 silkscreen portraits of women artists that I’m launching this coming Sunday at London’s Art Car Boot Fair in Brick Lane. My final edition is of the iconic Frida Kahlo. I’ve really enjoyed doing these editions; I hadn’t done any silkscreens for about 8 or 9 years and it’s been great to get back into the technique. I’d forgotten how many things can go wrong, but doing all these over the past few weeks has brought it all back to me, warts and all. So tomorrow, signing, titling and numbering the editions, packing them in bags and getting everything sorted to take up to London.

6 Responses to “Warts ‘N’ All”

  1. paperstew at 00:39 #

    Congrats on making it through the series! You put together a fabulous series that will certainly grab many peoples attention. Makes me want to pull out the screens again…. 😉

    • Rosie Scribblah at 04:36 #

      Thank you, Gale. I have really enjoyed it. I hadn’t used screens for years. Do get your screens out again. I have a lovely dog print of yours which inspired me to try the liquid stencils x

  2. Sharon Mann at 01:04 #

    Rosie – your set of women artist turned out fabulous. Be sure to take a picture or two at the fair. I’ll be interested to know what happens. Best to you !

    • Rosie Scribblah at 05:36 #

      Thank you, Sharon. I’ll be taking pictures and posting directly onto Facebook and then I’ll blog them as well 😊

  3. kestrelart at 22:45 #

    I think I first heard of frida Kahlo through a play on the radio, about the episodes Trotsky came to stay. Fascinating life.

    • Rosie Scribblah at 05:33 #

      Extraordinary. Here i am with my cat and there she was with a revolutionary. Different world’s 😊

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