One From The Archives 19: Eve Sleeps

3 Oct

I love the versatility of this method. It has a fantastic range of darks and lights, as well as a dazzling palette.  A full-colour monotype is also a unique artwork because of the way the ink is applied to the paper.

Eve Sleeps

In this print I have used the warm, vibrant reds and yellows of the background to counter the cooler more sedate greens and blues of the foreground. This gives the feeling of a woman enjoying a deep, peaceful sleep as passion and turmoil stir at a more primal level.

Ordinarily the cooler colours would be used in the background to give a sense of depth or distance, whereas the lively colours like red would be used sparingly because they tend to jump out at the viewer.

By reversing this convention I have emphasised the hidden emotions and, at the same time, almost divided the image into two separate works. One below of a calm, sleeping woman and above, an abstract sensory overload.

The monotype “Eve Sleeps” is available for sale on Artfinder and if you’d like to find out more, please click on the link here to go directly to it or click on the top right of this page to see other works for sale.


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