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The Block Block

11 Aug

big i

Here are the vinyl blocks I printed yesterday, inked up and ready to go. They’re about 7 x 9 inches each. They’ve been printed singly but I like the look of them grouped together in a block and might print a couple of sheets like this. But that’ll have to wait until after I’ve finished mounting and framing all the work for my upcoming exhibition at Oriel Ceri Richards from August the 21st.

I drew, cut and printed these at Swansea Print Workshop on an antique Victorian Columbian printing press.


The Antique Columbian

7 Aug

I’ve been working on a new series of linocut (well, vinyl) prints for an exhibition coming up at Oriel Ceri Richards later this month, a group exhibition with the 15 Hundred Lives art collective. Each print will be in 2 colours on white, using Japanese Hosho paper and Intaglio Printmakers relief inks.

large 1

I printed the last of the 12 blocks today with the first colour, a mid grey, down at Swansea Print Workshop.

large 2


Next, I’ll cut away the grey areas and print the second colour, black. That’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


large 3


I am using the antique Victorian Colombian Press and I’ll be printing each in editions of 15. I love working with such old machinery. The Victorians didn’t stint on the decoration, it’s beautiful as well as functional. It’s also idiosyncratic and a bit fickle to use, but so would I be if I were that old 🙂

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