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In The New Studio!

3 Jan

Digital photograph through the window wall.


At last! My first full day in the new studio. Husb and I moved all my stuff  over from the old studio, across the road and round the corner a bit, in between hospital and nursing home duties, Xmas visits and celebrating the New Year. Britain returned to work today and I started sorting things out and painting the walls white, from a dingy magnolia. This is the north aspect with a huge glass  window wall overlooking the city hill and mostly Victorian housing, with the odd 1960’s building here and there, courtesy of the Blitz. It was pouring with rain when I took this and the gales were ferocious.

Digital photograph facing the door of the studio.


Here’s the south aspect, facing the door after I’d painted that half of the studio. Outside the door is a corridor and more studios, smaller and with south facing windows and an exit onto a large flat roof which will be nice to sit on in the summer. You can see the sea from the south-facing studios. It’s so exciting – these studios are so much better than the ones I’ve moved from – they were fine to start with as they were very cheap, but there are a number of us who are ready to move onto the next stage – to hold exhibitions, open-studio events and viewings to start selling our work and this new premises is much better suited to it.

Mixed media: male figure.

I haven’t forgotten a bit of art. This is a curious piece I did a couple of years ago when I was playing around with collage and text. I was working from a live model, an older man, and this is my interpretation at that moment. I often incorporate text into my work, whatever pops into my head at the time usually. I must have been in a funny old mood that evening 🙂


In The Life Drawing Studio [2]

14 Dec

Ink sketch: model and artist.

One of the things I love about being an artist is that it’s a life-long pursuit. I know little tiny budding artists only a few years old and I work with veteran artists in their seventies and eighties and all ages in between. I remember Bill Turnbull interviewing Howard Hodgkinson on BBC Breakfast a couple of years ago and he asked when Howard was going to retire. HH put him straight. It isn’t a job. It isn’t something you retire from. It is a state of being, not a state of employment.

Our life drawing group has a wide cross-section of artists, from school students in their teens who are amassing life drawing for their A level Art portfolios to artists in their eighth or ninth decade with a lifetime of experience – of art and life – behind them, still exploring, still innovating, still doing…… There are roughly equal numbers of male and female artists involved in the drawing group, although the membership of the printmaking studio itself probably has more women.

This is a detail from a drawing done in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens into an A3 Cotman watercolour sketchbook. I went through a phase of using textured watercolour paper for sketching, mainly because I’d found a very cheap source of them for a while.



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