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Pimp My Monument

17 May

Pimp My Monument.

Another bonkers and hilarious skit about poor, unsuspecting Tenby! 🙂

Fracking unbelievable

16 May

Oh dear, another bonkers diatribe about poor little Tenby from the witty pen of this master of drollery :). It hurts when I laugh this much.

Fracking unbelievable.

A tale of two would be cities

14 May

Another completely bonkers, tongue-in-cheek spoof about the little Welsh seaside town of Tenby from a very funny writer.

A tale of two would be cities.

Metric mistake for Tenby

9 May

Metric mistake for Tenby.

This is a new blogger who dips his pen in drollery to lampoon the hitherto innocuous little seaside town of Tenby. Sooooo funny…..

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