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A Vast Behind

30 Nov



Back at Folly Farm yesterday, I was in the right place at the right time, standing under a fodder bucket in the Giraffe enclosure during feeding time. Rhian the giraffe was eating her scran just a couple of feet above my head! Well, I had to scribble her, didn’t I? Then she turned her attention to acacia branches hanging from the roof, so I sketched her from behind, rather a vast behind. Giraffe are HUGE! Her eye was about the size of my hand. What a magnificent animal. Drawn with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen, size F into my A5 Tate Gallery sketchbook.

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

29 Nov

Especially if they’re lions!



Husb and I spent a happy day at Folly Farm near Tenby celebrating a little relative’s birthday. I have mixed feelings about zoos, but this is a nice one with lots of space for the animals and they run a number of conservation programmes. With our species standing at over 6 billion and rising, it’s a sad fact that breeding rare species in captivity might be the only way to save them for the foreseeable future until we can reduce our own demands on the planet and learn to share it without endangering other species. I stopped for a couple of scribbles in my A5 Tate Gallery sketchbook, using Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens.



The lion was fast asleep, my favourite kind of model. Typical kitty behaviour. The beautiful lioness was pacing around keeping an eye on their 4 cubs. Harder to draw and my first attempt made her look a bit like a teddy bear. They are magnificent animals. Their size shocked me, I had never been up close to a lion/ess before. Their power and physique are incredible. It is horrifying that our species hunts them for fun or fur. Appalling!

What’s In My Handbag?

9 Jun

At last, a break in the appalling weather, sunshine and a trip to Tenby! I’ve been to Tenby so often recently that I should buy a house there, I love the place. I went with some of my family, three generations of us, and we decamped to the beach for a picnic and a few hours play on the sand. It’s a great beach, lovely clean sea, golden sweeping sand, cliffs with nooks and crannies, caves and plenty of climbing opportunity. Loads of flora, but unfortunately the local fauna is mostly huge, aggressive, voracious seagulls. So big and nasty we kept the baby covered up – just in case! The little town was very busy hosting a bicycle race and the beach was full but not crowded – just nice.

I wandered off to supervise some of the great nephews and nieces who were scrambling over a small cliff face up to a cleft in the rock and saw a lad trying to climb down from the small cave. He was having some trouble, although not in any danger, so I whipped out my little A6 Winsor & Newton Medium Surface Cartridge Pad, a box of  Aquarelle pencils, a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen [size S] and my reservoir brush from my handbag. If anyone’s wondering what a woman carries in her handbag – well that’s what’s in mine.

I only had a couple of minutes tops before he worked out how to get himself down so I scribbled quickly in pen, then added colour with Aquarelle and the reservoir brush – really strong colours from lichen [yellow/orange], Sea Thrift [purply pink], wild cabbage [greens] and what looked like small Michaelmas Daisies [purply pink also]. I like my reservoir brush, it sounds like something from a Tarantino gangster film 🙂


Pimp My Monument

17 May

Pimp My Monument.

Another bonkers and hilarious skit about poor, unsuspecting Tenby! 🙂

Fracking unbelievable

16 May

Oh dear, another bonkers diatribe about poor little Tenby from the witty pen of this master of drollery :). It hurts when I laugh this much.

Fracking unbelievable.

The birth of Lego

16 May

Another droll spoof about the little seaside town of Tenby. What did Tenby do to deserve this? Very funny writing from a talented comedy writer.


The birth of Lego.

A tale of two would be cities

14 May

Another completely bonkers, tongue-in-cheek spoof about the little Welsh seaside town of Tenby from a very funny writer.

A tale of two would be cities.

Metric mistake for Tenby

9 May

Metric mistake for Tenby.

This is a new blogger who dips his pen in drollery to lampoon the hitherto innocuous little seaside town of Tenby. Sooooo funny…..

Tenby, Nelson’s original resting place

8 May

Very droll commentary from a very tongue-in-cheek blogger. Why does royalty take a dim view of a little Welsh seaside town? Is this really the world’s first sarcastic statue? 🙂

Tenby, Nelson’s original resting place.

A Comb-over In Tenby.

11 Mar

Ink sketch: A combover in Tenby.

Had a busy day today visiting Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire with an old friend. It was a glorious day and after stopping off in Pontyates, Carmarthen and Narbeth, we ended up in Tenby, walking along the lovely beaches and strolling through the old town, which is partly Medaeval, Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian. We stopped for a nice pot of tea in a little cafe and I immediately started scribbling in my usual antisocial way. There was a family sitting by the window, father and son both had spiky hair and some of the old buildings were visible through the open door. The chap at the front of the drawing had a radical comb-over, fair do’s. It takes dedication to keep hair so firmly in place. I’ve never managed it. He was lost in thought as his wife chatted to him.

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