What’s In My Handbag?

9 Jun

At last, a break in the appalling weather, sunshine and a trip to Tenby! I’ve been to Tenby so often recently that I should buy a house there, I love the place. I went with some of my family, three generations of us, and we decamped to the beach for a picnic and a few hours play on the sand. It’s a great beach, lovely clean sea, golden sweeping sand, cliffs with nooks and crannies, caves and plenty of climbing opportunity. Loads of flora, but unfortunately the local fauna is mostly huge, aggressive, voracious seagulls. So big and nasty we kept the baby covered up – just in case! The little town was very busy hosting a bicycle race and the beach was full but not crowded – just nice.

I wandered off to supervise some of the great nephews and nieces who were scrambling over a small cliff face up to a cleft in the rock and saw a lad trying to climb down from the small cave. He was having some trouble, although not in any danger, so I whipped out my little A6 Winsor & Newton Medium Surface Cartridge Pad, a box of  Aquarelle pencils, a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen [size S] and my reservoir brush from my handbag. If anyone’s wondering what a woman carries in her handbag – well that’s what’s in mine.

I only had a couple of minutes tops before he worked out how to get himself down so I scribbled quickly in pen, then added colour with Aquarelle and the reservoir brush – really strong colours from lichen [yellow/orange], Sea Thrift [purply pink], wild cabbage [greens] and what looked like small Michaelmas Daisies [purply pink also]. I like my reservoir brush, it sounds like something from a Tarantino gangster film 🙂


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