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The Road

13 Oct

YAAYYY Notsogreatdictator Smith is back with his spoof on political life in Wales. Well worth a punt


The Road.

Cometh The Hour

6 Mar

Another hilarious instalment of this spoof of action heroes in Wales. Marvel / DC, eat your hearts out!

Cometh The Hour.

The Fall of the House of Frolic

5 Jun

It’s been one of those typical British Summer days – cold and pouring down with rain, so husb and I have been following a typical British Bank Holiday tradition of Do-It-Yourself and we wallpapered the bedroom. I’ve spent nearly all evening filling out an online application for the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers first Open printmaking competition. These things always take much more time than I anticipate so I’ve done no arty stuff today at all. So I’m reposting a very funny spoof history of a little Welsh town from a series being written by a local writer. Hope you enjoy it and back to some art tomorrow.

The Fall of the House of Frolic.

ps if you’re a printmaker, there’s still time to submit work for the competition. Oh and there’s a transit of Venus happening soon – not that we’ll see anything here in the pouring rain lol

A load of Frolics

3 Jun

Oh dear, *wipes my eyes*, more mad historical misinformation about little Welsh towns hehehehe


A load of Frolics.

Frolic ye not

2 Jun

Oh dear, another madcap history of a little Welsh town. This time it’s Newtown’s turn to be at the receiving end of Notsogreatdictator’s bonkers view of history 😀

Frolic ye not.

Pimp My Monument

17 May

Pimp My Monument.

Another bonkers and hilarious skit about poor, unsuspecting Tenby! 🙂

A tale of two would be cities

14 May

Another completely bonkers, tongue-in-cheek spoof about the little Welsh seaside town of Tenby from a very funny writer.

A tale of two would be cities.

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