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21 Mar

20 senedd 1

The Senedd, the Welsh Parliament, the site yesterday evening for an arts event showcasing the culture of the city of Swansea. My chum, Melanie Ezra and I were asked to curate a small exhibition of visual art and some ‘live’ art as well. Here are two of my ‘live’ drawings next to Jonathan Green’s cow-in-a-microwave-on-a-plinth and Graham Parker’s sea diptych. I drew onto newspaper with chalk, compressed charcoal and a yellow ochre oil bar.

20 senedd 2

Here’s a wider view of the amazing Senedd building. The canapes were lovely 😀

Fozzy In A Microwave

19 Mar

19 owen

Had a very busy day setting up a pop-up exhibition at the Welsh Senedd (Government) for this evening. It was a cultural event put on for Assembly Members (politicians) and my chum, Melanie Ezra and I curated the small show. I also did a 2 hour stint doing ‘live’ art. As I was scribbling this head onto a sheet of newspaper, a number of small boys from a drama group gathered behind me, looking at a film installation in an old microwave on a plinth. The work, by sculptor Jonathan Green, showed a looped moving image of a close up of a cow chewing the cud, mounted in a microwave.

It was very effective and the boys, about 8 or 9 years old, got very excited about it. One of them called to the rest of his mates, “Oy come over by ‘ere and look at this. They stuffed Fozzy Bear in a microwave!” Classic. 😀

Cometh The Hour

6 Mar

Another hilarious instalment of this spoof of action heroes in Wales. Marvel / DC, eat your hearts out!

Cometh The Hour.

DBS Week Two (the committee stage)

17 Sep

The latest instalment of this spoof on Welsh public life 🙂


DBS Week Two (the committee stage).

The Golden Badger of Wrexham

23 May

The Golden Badger of Wrexham.

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