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Cooking Game Of Thrones Style

25 Mar

squash 2

Day two of lockdown and I turned into a psycho cook, channelling Game of Thrones with a butternut squash …….

Hack a squash in half with a big dagger. Lay them side by side on a metal tray and roast them in a furnace until you can squeeze their flesh easily.

Flay and dismember two onions and cast them into a cauldron of hot oil and saute them until they are soft.

Scoop out the fleshy innards from the squash and cast it into the cauldron with the onion. Scald it with boiling water.

Add vegetable stock. Okay, I know vegan stock isn’t very Game of Thrones, but hey, I’M NOT JOFFREY!!!! Pulverise it with a masher, blender or liquidiser and smash it into small pieces. Boil it in the cauldron a bit more until it’s thickened.

squash 8

Serve it up at the Red Wedding. Or for your supper. Whatever.


Badly Drawn Man

7 Jul


I’ve been really busy with computer stuff and family doings today and I had to snatch a few minutes to do today’s sketch just now. I bought ‘Game Of Thrones’ earlier and here’s Husb reading it on the settee. It’s huge. A lot of what artists make isn’t very good, that’s why old canvasses have often been overpainted. This is one of those. It would be tempting just to put my ‘best’ work on this blog but that isn’t the reality of being an artist. Sometimes it’s not good. Lots of times, in fact.

Drawn with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8 using the free Markers app.

The Black Panther

16 Jun


Husb and I just got back from our few days in Vienna in time for the last episode of Game of Thrones Season 4. Ooooof!

Yesterday we went to the Upper Belvedere Gallery in Vienna to take in the permanent collection of Secession, Expressionist and Impressionist art. Marvellous. I drew this sculpture of a panther by Franz Barwig the Elder. It’s a large piece and completely black and shiny. Very hard to draw just using pen, without ink wash or charcoal to get all the tones. Good practice though.

Then we went to the Secession building to see The Beethoven Frieze. I was overwhelmed by Vienna. I’ve read about these artists and places connected with them for years and it’s been such a privilege to be able to go there.

Cometh The Hour

6 Mar

Another hilarious instalment of this spoof of action heroes in Wales. Marvel / DC, eat your hearts out!

Cometh The Hour.

Slobbing With Raphael

23 Feb

1393191228703(1)I’m bone idle and slobbed out in front of the telly with the fab book on Raphael that Husb got me for Xmas. So my daily scribble is a study after a Raphael sketch drawn on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. I’ve saved the drawing at different stages and made a slideshow so you can see how it’s developed from laying down a background (which needs to be done with this free Markers drawing app) to the finished sketch above. I don’t think it matters what I draw, just as long as I do something every day to keep my hand in. And now I’ve got an episode of the third series of Game Of Thrones with my name on it 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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