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A Renaissance Video

4 Jun

Husb has been turning my digital drawings into short videos, showing how the sketches develop from nothing to completion. I’ve been drawing on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using a free Markers app and Husb has used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit them. This is one I did from a drawing by Raphael. Sometimes it’s useful to to make some studies from great artists. It’s good practice and aspirational.

Slobbing With Raphael

23 Feb

1393191228703(1)I’m bone idle and slobbed out in front of the telly with the fab book on Raphael that Husb got me for Xmas. So my daily scribble is a study after a Raphael sketch drawn on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. I’ve saved the drawing at different stages and made a slideshow so you can see how it’s developed from laying down a background (which needs to be done with this free Markers drawing app) to the finished sketch above. I don’t think it matters what I draw, just as long as I do something every day to keep my hand in. And now I’ve got an episode of the third series of Game Of Thrones with my name on it 😀

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Raphael’s Quickie

12 Feb


I’m continuing to practice from my book of Renaissance drawings using my Samsung Galaxy tablet. This is after a sketch by Raphael. The original was obviously done quickly and it’s very free. I haven’t tried to copy it exactly, line for line, because that would make it rather stiff. I started off by installing a mottled background because paper in Renaissance times tended to be a bit rough and pure white paper would be rare and expensive. The baby is very stylised and typical of the period. I think that these days, he’d probably be considered a bit too chubby.


Day 5: I Don’t Care!

5 Feb


So continuing with the 28 Drawings After challenge on Facebook and practicing drawing from established artists, I took up with Raphael again. Husb gave me a lovely book on Renaissance drawing from The British Museum that I’ve been meaning to draw from for ages. I’m using the Samsung Galaxy Tablet again with a free Magic marker app. It’s probably very old-fashioned, but I think it’s important for artists to study those who have gone before. I think that’s part of learning the craft in art, although that also seems to be an old-fashioned concept at the moment. Ah well, I don’t care 😀

Day 4: After Raphael

4 Feb


It’s day 4 of the Facebook February drawing challenge and I haven’t been out at all today. The weather’s been awful and I’ve been doing loads of things on computers, so not much of a chance to draw. Husb bought me a lovely book about Raphael for Xmas and as I like to study other artists for practice, I chose this drawing to work from. I used my Samsung Galaxy Tablet with a free Magic Marker app. I like the idea of using 21st century technology to study 16th century Renaissance art. Took about 10 minutes. I think I’d rather work with a traditional dip pen and Indian ink though.

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