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A Boiler Suit And A Newspaper Wall

7 Sep

photo d

Today The Bagpuss Window opened for business. Fellow artist Melanie Ezra and I have taken on an old shop premises as a pop-up studio and public access artspace. We did come clearing and cleaning at the end of last week and today we started working on art. Several artists wandered in to chat about the possibility of coming in and working with us over the month and one stayed a while and made a plastic door curtain for us from old carrier bags and some police crime scene tape found in the street. More artists will be joining us from time to time to work on art and put it into the ever-changing Bagpuss Window.


Today I donned my boiler suit and sturdy shoes and papered a large expanse of wall with newspaper. This is the base for a large intuitive drawing I’ll be doing through our stay. I also pasted the 2 ‘Bagpuss Window’ signs I made last week to the front of the shop. We have 3 groovy little changing cubicles at the back of the shop so we’re waiting for an artist to come up with a way of using them. Husb is hoping to get a webcam fixed up in the next couple of days so we can do a live stream of artists at work. A bit like Big Brother on the telly 😀

Here’s something about this week at The Bagpuss Window.

Week 1

Week 1

Fozzy In A Microwave

19 Mar

19 owen

Had a very busy day setting up a pop-up exhibition at the Welsh Senedd (Government) for this evening. It was a cultural event put on for Assembly Members (politicians) and my chum, Melanie Ezra and I curated the small show. I also did a 2 hour stint doing ‘live’ art. As I was scribbling this head onto a sheet of newspaper, a number of small boys from a drama group gathered behind me, looking at a film installation in an old microwave on a plinth. The work, by sculptor Jonathan Green, showed a looped moving image of a close up of a cow chewing the cud, mounted in a microwave.

It was very effective and the boys, about 8 or 9 years old, got very excited about it. One of them called to the rest of his mates, “Oy come over by ‘ere and look at this. They stuffed Fozzy Bear in a microwave!” Classic. 😀

What I Did All Day

16 Aug

Final 1

For the past two days I’ve been working with other artists in a public artspace doing what we do, making art and letting anyone in to see how we do it. I did a very large drawing on two layers; the background on brown parcel paper and the foreground figures in thick tracing parchment.

The background is a local street scene and the figures are based on drawings I made during a street art performance event last summer, Disruption II. I have sketchbooks full of scenes scribbled on the hoof and it’s hard to find a way to use them, so I was well pleased that I found a format for developing them.

The drawing is huge, taller than me and I ended up with really sore arms because I was drawing over my head. I used a reed pen that cost me about 50p and black drawing ink. It was a very physical drawing experience.

Here’s the drawing gestating below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

About 70 people came in over the two days, which we’re well pleased with. A lot stayed to do some art themselves and talked to each of us about our methods and sources. It was a mixed bunch too, not just artanistas. We’re hoping to do something like this regularly because we want to demystify art; there’s too much posing in the art world and too much nonsense written about it.

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