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Taking It Further….

5 Oct

A while back, I did some sketchbook scribbles of performance artists in the street at an event called Disruption II in Swansea. I’ve been developing new work from some of the sketches and a couple of months ago, I did a massive drawing installation based on one of the tiny scribbles. Here it is.

05 weird 2

I’ve developed it further, into a small, approximately A5, drawing on Bockingford paper.

05 weird 1

It started life as a ‘transfer’ print created from a digitally altered photograph, which gives me a random, coloured background to build the drawing upon. The line work is done in Indian ink and an ink wash using traditional dip pens and I’ve used a hint of Winsor and Newton watercolour to highlight a couple of areas in the building. This isn’t the end for this image…….next, I’m developing it into a small drypoint etching.

What I Did All Day

16 Aug

Final 1

For the past two days I’ve been working with other artists in a public artspace doing what we do, making art and letting anyone in to see how we do it. I did a very large drawing on two layers; the background on brown parcel paper and the foreground figures in thick tracing parchment.

The background is a local street scene and the figures are based on drawings I made during a street art performance event last summer, Disruption II. I have sketchbooks full of scenes scribbled on the hoof and it’s hard to find a way to use them, so I was well pleased that I found a format for developing them.

The drawing is huge, taller than me and I ended up with really sore arms because I was drawing over my head. I used a reed pen that cost me about 50p and black drawing ink. It was a very physical drawing experience.

Here’s the drawing gestating below.

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About 70 people came in over the two days, which we’re well pleased with. A lot stayed to do some art themselves and talked to each of us about our methods and sources. It was a mixed bunch too, not just artanistas. We’re hoping to do something like this regularly because we want to demystify art; there’s too much posing in the art world and too much nonsense written about it.

Freaky Slug People

22 Jul


Yesterday I was a recorder in the ‘Disruption’ happening which was happening in Swansea City Centre. I was one of the artists recording the performances through the medium of drawing. There were some really freaky things going on, which certainly disrupted the city centre. Two blood-stained body bags were carried up the street to the front of a deserted building and two bizarre ‘slug people’ rolled out onto the floor, where they stayed for two hours twitching and occasionally making strange shrieking noises.


They got a lot of attention. Their faces were made of nylon stocking masks with revolting googly eyes and slashed mouths. Very horrible but also fascinating.

I wandered up and down the street drawing the happening in an appropriate costume. Here I am. It was hot and smelled of rubber.

Photograph by Sandra Demar.




Weirdness Across The City

21 Jul

The city centre embraced post apocalyptic weirdness this afternoon with the Disruption II art event drawing crowds of disbelieving onlookers out and about in the uncharacteristic sunshine. Some artists were performers, some recorders. I was recording through drawing, wandering along the street in a rubber army gas mask and tarpaulin [in the blazing sunshine] clutching my sketchbook and speed-drawing the collective madness around me. This is a creature with a hideous face who was sheltering from the sunshine whilst holding a platter bearing a large fish head. It wasn’t the weirdest thing there today. Tomorrow I will reveal the shrieking slug people.


26 Jun

Everything’s a mad rush at the moment – preparing for loads of things. Here are the drawings I been preparing for the second day of the photopolymer print course [solar plate] tomorrow. I’ve been working on them for a couple of days, using nib pen, Indian ink, ink wash and black oilbar onto Truegrain [I think it may be Mylar in some countries]. They’re tiny – around A6. My last finished piece was a painting 4 foot square!

I’m also prepping for my stint scribbling in public on the Swansea Plinth on Friday, 10.00 am – 12.00 noon if you want to come and join in [or poke me with a stick. No. Scratch the stick :D]. If you want to join in the public scribble-in, bring your sketchbook and something to draw with. I’ll give you a chair and put you on the plinth.

And then in less than a fortnight, I’m in a group show opening in Bath. It’s called Commensalis and it’s at Walcot Chapel. Here’s the programme of events – there are performers as well as visual arts. It’s free too. Then at the end of July, I’m doing more public scribbling in Disruption II and an exhibition in The Brunswick, Swansea. I’m hoping to put these photopolymer etchings in and do a few more by then as well. Oh and help to organise an exhibition of international miniature prints, Leftovers II, at Swansea Print Workshop, running mid-July to mid-August.

Then I’ll take a break!!!!

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