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Bling, Seagull And Iconic Chair

8 Sep
holo 4

I did this tableau with mannequins and some of my drawings.

Day 2 at The Bagpuss Window, the newest arty shenanigans in Swansea’s High Street. Fellow artist Melanie Ezra and I have opened a temporary pop-up artspace in an old shop due for demolition (thanks Coastal Housing group for the loan). The idea of The Bagpuss Window is that we, along with any other artists who drop in, will fill the window with an ever-changing display of art, work-in-progress, inspirational objects, tools and equipment that we use…..

We’re also encouraging local people and passers-by to pop their heads round the door and interact with us. Yesterday, a couple of local lads had a chat, liked what they saw and came back today with a painting on driftwood of a blinged-up seagull for The Bagpuss Window (above left). Local artist Tim Kelly  dropped by with his porcine pieces (above centre and right) which went in as well.

I carried on working on something I started ages ago, a three-dimensional tableau inspired by the work I have been doing based on a visit to Berlin a few winters ago. I’m getting somewhere with it. And finally, a local group, Circus Eruption lent us half a dozen chairs – I can now sit down!!! They’re fab, copies of the iconic Arne Jacobsen chair, or as I call it, the Christine Keeler chair.

Popping Up

2 Sep


Earlier this evening I did my first ‘pop-up studio‘ at the Taliesin Arts Centre. My latest body of work, a collection of almost 30 pieces called ‘Er Gof’, is being exhibited in Oriel Ceri Richards Gallery and we (the art collective 15 Hundred Lives) have set up a temporary studio upstairs in the cinema foyer/bar. Two of us are taking turns doing a pop-up studio for a couple of hours before feature films throughout September, until our exhibition finishes on the 26th.


I sat and worked on a piece of vintage paper that I’d prepared with a layer of gold translucent silk screen ink, applied with a squeegee (but no screen). Continuing with the theme of the work in the exhibition, I did some intuitive drawings of heads using willow and compressed charcoal and carbon. It’s nearly finished, maybe another hour or so. It was great drawing in public. The first couple of hours was quiet but 4 people came in to sit down and talk to me. I like having conversations about art. The last hour was much busier as the cinema-goers arrived for a pre-film drink. Not so many conversations but lots of people hovering and looking at what I was doing.

The cinema is also showing our short video before each film this month. Here it is, showing the three of us and how we do our work.

Scribbling In Public

20 Mar

manier noir day 1I spent today with the 15 Hundred Lives art collective at the Creative Bubble artspace in the city centre. We hold a monthly 2-day public access art event where we use the space to do our own work and invite one or two guest artists to join us as well. We open our doors to the public so that people can come in and see what we do and how art is made. It was really hectic today, which was great but meant I didn’t do much work on my manier noir triptych drawing. It doesn’t matter though because I enjoy talking to people about my work, especially those who might not have had much experience of art. It’s also interesting to work with other artists because we learn from each other.

At this month’s event, ‘Weirdness and Kisses‘, I worked with Lucy Read and Chris Harrendence as well as the other members of the collective. This is our 18th event, we started in Summer 2013 and I have found that I really enjoy drawing in public, it’s a performance I guess, although not a scripted or structured one.  We’re at it again tomorrow – looking forward to it.

What Am I Up To In February?

5 Feb

Here’s what I’m up to this month, in my ‘What Am I Up To‘ section on my blog. Lots of arty shenanigans. Click on the link to see more 😀

Rose 2

We’ll Be Back!

15 Nov


I finished my big drawing today at Creative Bubble artspace in the city centre. The art collective I’m in, 15 Hundred Lives, has been using the venue for two days a month for over a year now, this was our 14th event. The three of us, collagist Sylvie Evans, painter Graham Parker and me, use the space to work and develop together as a group and also to let the public come in and see what it is that artists do during the creative process.


We also ask other artists to come in and work with us each month, to build relationships within the local arts community and so the public can see what a wide diversity of arts there is in Swansea. It’s a pretty groovy place. This month the talented painter David Hughes-Jones was our guest and other artists popped in with their work as well, Ann Lucas with her gorgeous needle-felted 3D forms and Melanie Ezra with her latest collage creation.


This will be the very last event at Creative Bubble. It has been leased by the University of Wales Trinity St. Davids (aka the art college) and the lease ends now! BUT they’ve taken out a lease on a bigger building right across the street which opens next month. And we’ll be back!

They’re At It Again!

17 Sep


I’m a member of an artist collective, 15 Hundred Lives and we have been running a monthly public art event at the Creative Bubble artspace in Swansea for over a year now. September is our 13th event. We take the space for two days a month to work together as a group – a painter, a collagist and a printmaker / scribbler. We also invite a different guest artist each time to work with us. This month we’re joined by Tim Hanks, who creates three-dimensional form in wool that he spins himself.

We open the space to the public because we want to show what it takes to make a work of art. People see art on walls in galleries and often have no idea what goes into it, so we decided last year to let people see for themselves how it’s done. If you’re around in Swansea city centre on Friday or Saturday, please drop by and see what we’re working on. It’s Creative Bubble, Cradock Street, Swansea.

Cardboard City art trail – it’s my turn!

11 Dec

I’m reblogging this from Collect Connect’s blog because it shows my piece for the Cardboard City art-trail along London’s Southbank. Hope you like it 🙂




Window Dressing

20 Oct

window 2

I’ve spent a couple of days working with the 15 Hundred Lives art group on a big draw at the Creative Bubble artspace in Swansea’s City Centre. We were joined by a number of artists, art students and members of the public as we drew over cardboard-covered walls. It was a challenge to draw on cardboard and I found it frustrating at first, I just couldn’t get to grips with what I’d planned. But then I gave up and decided to go with the flow of the materials and started pulling bits of the cardboard open along the folds. I put drafting film into the spaces and drew spooky faces onto them. It looks a bit like a sinister advent calendar now. But with Halloween coming up it sort of works. I drew the main figure from a sketch of a ‘sagger’ that I’d made some time ago and the spooky faces from sketchbook scribbles I made during Disruption II, a performance art event in Swansea back last year. There’s also work from Graham Parker and Daniel Leek in this window.

other window

At the end of the 2 days, we cut the cardboard up and put some of the images in the windows. It’ll stay there until our next event in November. The window above includes work by Jenny Chisholm, Viv Howell, Sylvie Evans, Chris Harrendence and Lucy Read, amongst others. Creative Bubble has given our artgroup the use of the premises for two days a month up to Xmas. We’re running events called ‘What Do Artists Do All Day?‘ so that people can wander in and see us at work and see what it takes to produce a piece of art from scratch. This month we had guest artist Jenny Chisholm and we hope to have a different guest artist each time, to show a range of artistic disciplines.

window 1

Weirdness Across The City

21 Jul

The city centre embraced post apocalyptic weirdness this afternoon with the Disruption II art event drawing crowds of disbelieving onlookers out and about in the uncharacteristic sunshine. Some artists were performers, some recorders. I was recording through drawing, wandering along the street in a rubber army gas mask and tarpaulin [in the blazing sunshine] clutching my sketchbook and speed-drawing the collective madness around me. This is a creature with a hideous face who was sheltering from the sunshine whilst holding a platter bearing a large fish head. It wasn’t the weirdest thing there today. Tomorrow I will reveal the shrieking slug people.

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