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5 Aug


I ran a short course in using a pasta maker as a printing press at Swansea Print Workshop today. We used paper drypoint plates to make miniature prints. I very quickly re-sketched a drawing of a badger from my sketchbook and cut it into the plate with a drypoint tool. The nose is a bit too long, it’s almost an anteater – a badge-eater! 😀

Here are some more photos, from inking the plate to the finished prints. Click here for a step-by-step record of the process and here to see it done on video.

More Mini Monos

5 Jun
mini monotypes of hares and badgers

mini monotypes of hares and badgers

After two days in Bath at Fringe Arts Bath with the Commensalis group, I came home and did a day of making monotypes at Creative Bubble with the 15 Hundred Lives art collective. I was there on Monday doing more of the same. Today I used some drawings of a hare and badger from my little spotted sketchbook. I’m using different papers – acid-free tissue, Saunders and cartridge. Each gives a different line quality. I like them all, can’t choose a favourite. This weekend, I’m going to have a lie-in. If the cats let me. Which they won’t.




24 Jan

24 badgers

I’ve had enough of hares and I’ve moved onto badgers. I very rarely draw animals, except cats, so it takes a while to get used to alien anatomy. Here are the first two sketches, trying to get to grips with the proportions and where different bits go. They have blocky little legs.

24 badger

By the third sketch, I was relaxing and getting used to the little beasties and had a bit more fun with the mark making. Drawing from photographs isn’t satisfactory because it’s surprising how much detail simply isn’t there. “The camera doesn’t lie”, they used to say. No, but it misses out an awful lot. I shall have to search out some taxidermy at the local museum. Drawn into my little A6 spotty sketchbook with Derwent pencils in B and 3B.

Wild Scribbles

18 Jan


Day 2 at Creative Bubble and I carried on drawing large-scale studies of British wildlife for something I’m planning to do in coming weeks. Alongside the two hares I did yesterday I scribbled a hedgehog and badger.


My drawing style changed slightly with each animal; quite jerky with the hares, spiky on the hedgehog and quite blocky on the large, ponderous badger. I guess that reflects the way the animals look but I wasn’t expecting such a difference in the way I did my drawing strokes – it just happened.

4 animals straight on

I also like drawing onto newspaper. The overall piece is about 10 feet long and maybe five feet high and I’ve enjoyed working on such a huge scale after spending several days drawing hares into a tiny sketchbook and into a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. It’s much more physical and my shoulders and neck are aching now. Back to a tiny sketchbook tomorrow, I think.

The art collective I’m a part of, 15 Hundred Lives, will be doing these 2-day monthly events regularly throughout the year. If you’re around in Swansea, come and check us out or keep tabs on us through our Facebook group or website. Those hares look like they’re disco dancing 😀

Disclosure and Barring Service

30 Aug

Hilarious spoof blog about public life in Wales, featuring the Princes Will-One-Is and H Are I and the endangered Golden Badger of Wrexham. So funny…….

Disclosure and Barring Service.

They will never take our freedom!!!!!

1 Aug

They will never take our freedom!!!!!. Hilarious spoof about superpowers in Welsh public life,  featuring the Golden Badger of Wrexham.

The Badger Awakes

29 May

Bonkers bloggage from this Welsh Wit! Hilarious and not too long!

The Badger Awakes.

The Golden Badger of Wrexham

23 May

The Golden Badger of Wrexham.

Bonkers bloggage from the crazy pen of Notsogreatdictator Smith……

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