The Dead Rabbit Mystery

Husb and I visited friends in north Pembrokeshire this afternoon and went for a long walk along the estuary and beach at Newport. I was surprised to find this broken corpse of a wild rabbit on the sand. It was a sad sight and I looked away at first but then decided to sketch it.Continue reading “The Dead Rabbit Mystery”

The Name Game

One of the things I find hard to do is think up names for my artworks. I don’t want to number them #1, #2, #3 and so on. And I don’t like to label them ‘Untitled’, so I often struggle to name a piece. This little lino block of a dancing March hare was easyContinue reading “The Name Game”

Man, Boy and Rabbit

Walking over the hill above Bracelet Bay, Mumbles a couple of evenings ago with Husb and small Nephew, we saw lots of wild rabbits quietly munching away. Husb and Nephew stopped for a few minutes to gaze at a young bunny; the little ones don’t seem particularly afraid of people. The Boy tends to copyContinue reading “Man, Boy and Rabbit”