Build It And They Will Come

  Back in September 2015, my artist chum Melanie Ezra and I ripped up filthy old carpet, bleached what needed bleaching, filled the window of a semi-derelict dirty old shop with art and artefacts,  set up an event page on Facebook, opened the doors and developed our artwork in the premises during daylight hours. OverContinue reading “Build It And They Will Come”

The Christine Keeler Chair

It’s our third day at The Bagpuss Window, a new artspace in an old shop in Swansea’s High Street, an area of urban regeneration, which means it’s really run down. We were lent some funky chairs, copies of the iconic Arne Jacobsen chair, made famous in Britain by an infamous photograph of the callgirl, ChristineContinue reading “The Christine Keeler Chair”

Bling, Seagull And Iconic Chair

Day 2 at The Bagpuss Window, the newest arty shenanigans in Swansea’s High Street. Fellow artist Melanie Ezra and I have opened a temporary pop-up artspace in an old shop due for demolition (thanks Coastal Housing group for the loan). The idea of The Bagpuss Window is that we, along with any other artists who dropContinue reading “Bling, Seagull And Iconic Chair”