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Build It And They Will Come

16 Mar


Psychobagpuss Bagpuss Window

Back in September 2015, my artist chum Melanie Ezra and I ripped up filthy old carpet, bleached what needed bleaching, filled the window of a semi-derelict dirty old shop with art and artefacts,  set up an event page on Facebook, opened the doors and developed our artwork in the premises during daylight hours. Over the next three and a half weeks, The Bagpuss Window, earmarked for demolition in Swansea’s High Street, brought forth an outpouring of visual and performing art and was experienced by around 200 people, artists and the public alike.

What happened?

They came, they saw, they did art.

Local charity Circus Eruption lent us some iconic chairs, copies of the classic Arne Jacobsen design so we started a photo project, asking artists who visited to have their photo taken ‘Being Christine Keeler’.

Puppeteer and musician David Pitt sat in the doorway and ‘gonged’ the street, sometimes with sunpan player, Sharon Edlington Douglas.

The Window held an ever-changing array of artistic tableaux with artists bringing in and collecting work every few days.


And then there was Man Arkin (Jonathan Green), whose silent performance overlooked the run-down street one afternoon.

Sylvie Evans psychedelically collaged the changing rooms…


Hannah Lawson took over a darkened derelict space out the back for her light paintings.

Archaeologist Dewi Bowen created a Cretan Labyrinth on the floor for people to walk and contemplate.

Melanie Ezra worked on her delicate assemblages each day but also found time to paint the walls.

Rhys Trimble performed his spontaneous poetry into the street….

We did some etching

Dai Melv at Bagpuss

I did some drawing…..

And Melvyn Williams filmed it …….

The Collective

19 Jan

pat graham

Isolation can be good for an artist, giving the opportunity for reflection and concentration, but it can also be …. well ….  isolating. I’m a member of a couple of artist collectives and I find this gives me the best of both worlds, because I can share ideas and workload with others when I need to.


The 15 Hundred Lives collective has a regular gig at Swansea’s Creative Bubble for 2 days each month. It started because we wanted to have some space to work together occasionally and also to work on things that might be too big for our studios. But, as a group committed to democratising art, we also liked the idea of throwing the door open so that the public could come in and see what we do and appreciate the artistic process. And we also wanted to give other artists the chance to work occasionally as part of a group and have access to a great space.


So here we are. We’ve just finished our 6th session over 6 months and it looks like we might be able to continue throughout the year. Lots of people wander in to look around and chat to us and artists are keen to come in and use the wall space. Graham Parker and this month’s guest artist, Patricia McKenna-Jones are in the top picture; Graham working on an abstract painting and Patricia on a drawn collage composed of drawings she’s made onto newspaper from her sketchbook studies. Then there’s Sylvie Evans, using the window space to construct a collage from left-over Xmas materials and I’m in the third picture working directly onto newspapers.

melAnd here’s our guest artist from last month, Melanie Ezra, who popped in to use some spare wall to put up her work in progress so she could see what it looks like in a large gallery space. She also too the opportunity to chat to the public and other artists about the piece to get their opinions.

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