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Plumb Tuckered

31 Oct


It’s been a long hard day of arty shenanigans. I started early this morning playing a ranting judge in a short film being made by friends. Then onto a second day of drawing in public at the Creative Bubble artspace in the city centre – I do this for a couple of days a month with the 15 Hundred Lives art collective. A quick bite to eat and off to a Halloween Shin-Dig nearby with some groovy people who have taken over an old shop and are developing it into a community cultural centre; early days yet but it looks very promising. I did some more spontaneous drawing there, some faces looming out of a long sheet of brown wrapping paper – well it is Halloween after all. And finally to one of the Elysium events – an open studio which was buzzing. A quick bit of blogging then off to bed because I’m plumb tuckered out. Goodnight 😀

Drawing And Gonging

17 Sep

wall m

Coming up to the end of the second week at The Bagpuss Window and I’m getting on with the gigantic wall drawing, worked mostly intuitively. I’ve been pushing out of my comfort zone. I normally work directly from life, small, with fine pens and my drawing can be very tight and controlled. I want to use these few weeks in the old shop to experiment and loosen up my drawing as much as possible.

The past few days, we’ve been joined by David Pitt who, amongst other creative activities, plays gongs. Wonderful instruments, such incredible music. He was playing today as I was drawing and I got right into ‘the zone’, carried away by the incredible sounds and drawing automatically. When I looked at what I’d done, it was markedly different to the drawings I’d done earlier in the week, much freer. I used my fingers more, smudging the sparse features rather than fretting over details and doing loads of cross-hatching.


David Pitt and two gongs

It’s been a really good experience so far and there’s so much arty stuff happening locally that Swansea’s being called the new Montmartre. 

Can’t See For Looking!

11 Sep



Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. I’ve made a start on a wall drawing onto newspaper, working from a photograph and it’s only now that I’ve put the photos onto the computer that I can see that the legs are too short! I could NOT see that when I was doing it. Leonardo da Vinci recommends checking your work in a mirror regularly because it helps to spot the wrong bits. I’ll have to take his feet down over the skirting board.

I’m working in an old shop in the centre of Swansea; it’s on loan until it gets demolished and I’m there with some other artists; we’re using as a pop-up artist’s studio. I papered the wall with newspaper and blocked some basic figures in white emulsion. I like working onto newspaper, I can incorporate images and headings into the work. I also like the texture of the charcoal on top of the brushstrokes and the wrinkles in the newspaper. I’ll be carrying on for a couple of weeks and when the demolition crew moves in, it’ll all be knocked down to make way for urban regeneration.

If you’re on Facebook, you can find out more about our temporary artspace here.

A Boiler Suit And A Newspaper Wall

7 Sep

photo d

Today The Bagpuss Window opened for business. Fellow artist Melanie Ezra and I have taken on an old shop premises as a pop-up studio and public access artspace. We did come clearing and cleaning at the end of last week and today we started working on art. Several artists wandered in to chat about the possibility of coming in and working with us over the month and one stayed a while and made a plastic door curtain for us from old carrier bags and some police crime scene tape found in the street. More artists will be joining us from time to time to work on art and put it into the ever-changing Bagpuss Window.


Today I donned my boiler suit and sturdy shoes and papered a large expanse of wall with newspaper. This is the base for a large intuitive drawing I’ll be doing through our stay. I also pasted the 2 ‘Bagpuss Window’ signs I made last week to the front of the shop. We have 3 groovy little changing cubicles at the back of the shop so we’re waiting for an artist to come up with a way of using them. Husb is hoping to get a webcam fixed up in the next couple of days so we can do a live stream of artists at work. A bit like Big Brother on the telly 😀

Here’s something about this week at The Bagpuss Window.

Week 1

Week 1

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