Today’s Scribbles

Today I spent a few hours down at The Creative Bubble Artspace, with fellow artist Patricia McKenna-Jones, working on some random scribbles onto very large pieces of paper, I use Fabriano Accademica, a fairly heavy paper (120gsm) with compressed charcoal and Winsor & Newton oil bars. I’m going back tomorrow to carry on so I’llContinue reading “Today’s Scribbles”

Ideas Forming

I recently did a short residency at the lovely Galerie Simpson in Swansea and experimented with developing three dimensional forms from paper, print and text. I started out by making some little maquettes to try out techniques and I’m starting to think about how I might use them. Husb hung an LED bulb into one ofContinue reading “Ideas Forming”

Kollwitz Mashups

I’ve been doing some little mashups with my Käthe Kollwitz stamped prints and some newspaper. They’re stuck onto the windows of Galerie Simpson where I’ve been doing an artist’s residency for the past 3 weeks. On Saturday I’m having an Open Studio from 10.00 – 16.00 with tea and home-made cakes and the art I’veContinue reading “Kollwitz Mashups”

In Profile

  I love this profile, so strong, so confident and self-assured. It’s a privilege to sit and talk and sketch with so many people of my generation. Sharing our experiences, sharing our hopes, aspirations, concerns. So many motivated, kind, committed people.   There’s more of my art to be seen in my online Gallery inContinue reading “In Profile”

Thank you, Diolch x

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. Thank you, all you people who have subscribed and who read my blog. I really appreciate it and also the comments and feedback I get. Knowing that you are reading it keeps me going. Have a lovely New Year. Blwyddyn newydd HapusContinue reading “Thank you, Diolch x”

Plumb Tuckered

It’s been a long hard day of arty shenanigans. I started early this morning playing a ranting judge in a short film being made by friends. Then onto a second day of drawing in public at the Creative Bubble artspace in the city centre – I do this for a couple of days a monthContinue reading “Plumb Tuckered”

My Journey with Bobbit

It’s been 4 years since I started blogging and I’ve done just over 1400 posts. My aim was to blog a drawing a day and I’ve more or less done it, so that’s around 1400 drawings. A fair amount of art. My very first blog was about my cat, Bobbit and one of my drawingsContinue reading “My Journey with Bobbit”

A Face, A Story

Older women shouldn’t be invisible. I’m combining my daily practice sketch with drawing from pictures of elder women because of the ageism that their generation suffers. I know that elders of both genders have problems to face, but it seems that they are compounded for older women. Not so long ago the BBC dumped aContinue reading “A Face, A Story”

They’re Fab!

I am carrying on with the 10 minute sketches of heads of older women, this is the seventh and I’m relaxing into it. I’ve chosen to focus on women of advanced age because it’s a group of people that doesn’t seem to appear much in visual cultural references. Of course, there are iconic older women,Continue reading “They’re Fab!”

A Milestone Reached

  Had another busy day with the opening of PROCESS, the new exhibition from 15 Hundred Lives, the art collective I’m a member of, at Swansea Museum. Afterwards, Husb and I went to our favourite Chinese restaurant, called Favourite funnily enough, and tucked into a gorgeous authentic meal.They make these lovely tofu balls, crispy onContinue reading “A Milestone Reached”