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Three Papers

16 Nov


A while back, I did some drawings of artists who inspire me and from those drawings I made some silkscreen stencils and printed up a series of nine images. Then I scanned a couple of those screenprints and had them made into small rubber stamps and that’s what I’m working with now, experimenting and seeing what I can come up with. A few weeks ago I went to a short paper-making course at Swansea’s City Farm and the paper, although lovely, isn’t particularly good for drawing so I’ve been trying to come up with some uses for it. So here’s a mashup of a little stamp of Käthe Kollwitz on Japanese Shiohara paper set onto a piece of hand made nettle paper mounted onto Daler Rowney Ebony paper. Oooohhh three papers in one little piece. Lovely.


Ideas Forming

15 Nov


I recently did a short residency at the lovely Galerie Simpson in Swansea and experimented with developing three dimensional forms from paper, print and text. I started out by making some little maquettes to try out techniques and I’m starting to think about how I might use them. Husb hung an LED bulb into one of them and I photographed it against a dark background. Ideas are starting to form. Hhhmmmmmmmm……


The three dimensional artwork I made during my residency is now being displayed in Cardiff at the Women’s Arts Association exhibition until December the 12th.


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