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They’re Fab!

11 Jul

elderhead 6

I am carrying on with the 10 minute sketches of heads of older women, this is the seventh and I’m relaxing into it. I’ve chosen to focus on women of advanced age because it’s a group of people that doesn’t seem to appear much in visual cultural references. Of course, there are iconic older women, like the actress Helen Mirren and the late Mother Theresa but in the general imagery around us, advertising, magazine covers, television and films, older women don’t feature much. Even when they do, they’re often Photoshopped to look much younger. It’s no wonder that so many women feel the pressure to have facelifts and botox in order to remain visible. So in my own small way I’m saying, “Hey, look here. Here are some older women. And they’re fab.”

It’s useful as a technical exercise; by limiting myself to 10 minutes I have to focus on the essence of the image and not concentrate on too much detail. This helps me to be much looser than if I was doing a formal portrait with more time on my hands. Because I’m working into a sketchbook, I’m not so precious about the drawing either, I’m far more willing to experiment.

I’m working into a hardbacked A4 sketchbook that I’ve prepared with pieces of randomly ripped brown wrapping paper, glued with Pritt stick. I do a brief outline sketch with a pale graphite stick, then put in the highlights and lowlights with white and black conté crayon, then I have a final scribble with a dark graphite stick.

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