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Rainy Day With A Cat

12 May


Husb and I have been visiting friends and today it poured with rain, so we mostly stayed in and chilled out with the cat. I had a bit of a scribble. She looks quite different to my cat, really. She stayed still for a few moments while I tried to do a portrait, then she got bored and turned her back on me and went to sleep. Just like my cat. Really.

Storms Cissy and Ada?

22 Oct

Helen Sears 1

I’ve been out and about with a sketchbook recently, getting back to basics, drawing as much as possible, not for projects but simply as part of my routine practice. An artist’s practice is just that, practice.

I went to a talk at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery by the artist Helen Sear, her work is currently featured there. I managed to scribble a few listening heads. I find that I can sketch and listen at the same time because I’m not concentrating on making “great art” so I don’t mind if it all goes pear shaped. This woman had the loveliest pre-Raphaelite hair, all fuzzy ringlets tied up in a loose knot, straight out of the late 19th century.

It was a terrible day outside the gallery, we were in the middle of Storm Brian and the gales were howling and the rain was lashing down. The Americans always seem to have quite posh names for their hurricanes – Ophelia, Katrina, but we have Storm Brian. I’m waiting for Nigel and Doris. Or Cissy and Ada maybe?




Cissy and Ada

The immortal Cissy and Ada


A Quick Head

21 Oct

Swansea Fringe 3

Here’s a sketch I did a couple of weeks ago at the Swansea Fringe. Husb and I went to the Swansea Storytelling event; it’s good for drawing faces because people are usually focused and concentrating. I used a 6B graphite pencil into my A5 lined notebook.

Focused Face

1 Oct

Swansea Fringe 2

Here’s another drawing I did at the Swansea Storytelling Club on Friday night, at The Swansea Fringe. Husb and I went to the comedy club this evening and I was going to do some more drawings, but the comedian, Noel James, was too hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing long enough for even a quick scribble. It’s been great to have the Fringe back. I worked on the old Swansea Fringe for a couple of years back in the 1980s, happy days, and I’m enjoying its return immensely. It wasn’t raining so badly today either and there was a good crowd at the gig.

I drew this man into my little lined Papermates notebook with a 6B graphite pencil, the sort that is solid graphite, without wood around it. He was very focused on the storyteller which made life a lot easier for me.


Fringe Walking, Face Watching

30 Sep

Swansea Fringe 1

Husb and I have been strolling around the events at Swansea Fringe this weekend, there’s so much on, it’s brilliant. We started out yesterday evening at Swansea Storytelling Club which is a regular monthly event. Of course, I had to have a scribble. It’s quite a good place for drawing faces because people tend to listen and be still. There’s another day of the festival, I hope the weather is better tomorrow, it was pouring down today which often puts people off coming out.



Graffiti Tunnel 2

27 Sep

Graff 2

Here’s the second drawing I did at Swansea’s graffiti tunnel a couple of days ago. I like it a bit better than the first one I did. I think the composition works but I still don’t like the effect of the charcoal and chalks on the brown paper. I should have used black paper, so it’s a return visit for me …… when it stops pouring with rain.

Preseli Rain

5 May

05 presceli

Husb and I set out from Swansea this morning to visit friends living in the Preseli Mountains in Pembrokeshire. It was a glorious warm, sunny day when we left but within a couple of hours of reaching the Preselis, we were hit by severe gales and torrential rain. We managed a quick walk before the deluge but cut our visit short to get back before nightfall. I drew this into my little Khadi sketchbook, using Daler Rowney soft pastels (artist quality). This is quite an accurate drawing; the wall of water reduced the visibility to a blur of greys and greens.

The New Doctor

4 Aug

Such excitement this evening as the BBC announced the new Doctor Who. It’s the 50th anniversary of the programme this year and I remember watching the first episode. My sister and I hid behind the settee peeping at the TV through our fingers. Our Mam had never seen us so scared before and threatened to turn it off. We pleaded with her not too. Although we were scared, we just had to carry on watching. Like generations since. And now we are getting the rather lovely Peter Capbaldi as the new Doctor; an older Doctor for women of a certain age 😉

Oh yes. Some art lol.

4 beach 1 4 beach 2

Some quick scribbles from the beach last week. When we had a summer. Unlike this week of torrential rain.

Wet Dogs And Runners

25 Sep

All last week, the weather was gorgeous – a real Indian summer. Then Sunday arrived – and Husb had entered the Swansea 10k race, hoping to improve on last year’s time. The weather was ATROCIOUS! Pouring rain and ferocious winds didn’t put off thousands of runners, though. We went down early to see two of our great-nephews and a great niece run in the junior 1k races – bless them, they did really well and got soaked to the skin. Then Husb got stuck into the main race, while I waited around in the rain and gales, giving him moral support. I tried drawing but only managed one because my hands froze.

The race was won, as usual, by Kenyan runners. I wonder what they make of it, coming from a very hot country at high altitude to run in one of the wettest countries on the planet, just a few yards from the sea. Husb managed to shave 6 minutes off last year’s time, despite the awful weather. I scribbled the dog-walkers on the beach which runs alongside the race route. It gives some idea of the bleak, windswept conditions. Maybe next year I’ll manage the 5k? 😀

The Fall of the House of Frolic

5 Jun

It’s been one of those typical British Summer days – cold and pouring down with rain, so husb and I have been following a typical British Bank Holiday tradition of Do-It-Yourself and we wallpapered the bedroom. I’ve spent nearly all evening filling out an online application for the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers first Open printmaking competition. These things always take much more time than I anticipate so I’ve done no arty stuff today at all. So I’m reposting a very funny spoof history of a little Welsh town from a series being written by a local writer. Hope you enjoy it and back to some art tomorrow.

The Fall of the House of Frolic.

ps if you’re a printmaker, there’s still time to submit work for the competition. Oh and there’s a transit of Venus happening soon – not that we’ll see anything here in the pouring rain lol

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