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Sunpan And Gong

10 Dec

The Bagpuss Window, a semi-derelict anarchic artspace, flashed into existence for three short weeks in September (2015) and then ended as abruptly as it started as the wrecking crew moved in to demolish the building. Fellow artist Melanie Ezra and I took it on at very short notice from developers Coastal Group and opened it up for artists, musicians and poets to see what happened. It was fabulous. Creative people from across Swansea and beyond wandered in and used the space to develop new work, ideas and collaborations. Film maker Melvyn Williams and I recorded what was going on and Melvyn has been editing the footage into short videos to show what happened.

Here’s the first, featuring Sharon Edlington-Douglas and David Pitt who bumped into each other one day and started playing their instruments, Sharon with a Sunpan and David with gongs. The door was open into the High Street, we were having a glorious Indian Summer, and the extraordinary sound reverberated along the road. I became absorbed in the music as I drew on the wall of the decrepit old shop and people wandered in to walk a labyrinth made from bark chippings by David and local archaeologist Dewi Bowen.

wall l

Dewi has written a book about ancient stone monuments in Siluria, South Wales, you can find out about it here. David is involved in keeping alive the Mari Lwyd in the Swansea and Gower area – you can read more about this fascinating tradition here.

The Run And The Crowd

22 Sep


Husb ran the Swansea Bay 10k race yesterday and I sat on the promenade with my back to the runners, looking at the beach. It was a gorgeous day, we’re having a glorious Indian Summer and the sea was sparkling. I did some scribbles into my leatherbound Steampunk sketchbook, practicing drawing figures in a crowd.

beach 3

I usually work with solitary figures so it’s quite a challenge to get the proportions right when there’s so many of them. As I was drawing, I began to appreciate the effort and skill shown by artists who work with crowd scenes, like Seurat and his huge painting of La Grande Jatte. It’s not easy. I sat on the grass, concentrating hard and Husb ran the 10k in an hour. Result.

Wet Dogs And Runners

25 Sep

All last week, the weather was gorgeous – a real Indian summer. Then Sunday arrived – and Husb had entered the Swansea 10k race, hoping to improve on last year’s time. The weather was ATROCIOUS! Pouring rain and ferocious winds didn’t put off thousands of runners, though. We went down early to see two of our great-nephews and a great niece run in the junior 1k races – bless them, they did really well and got soaked to the skin. Then Husb got stuck into the main race, while I waited around in the rain and gales, giving him moral support. I tried drawing but only managed one because my hands froze.

The race was won, as usual, by Kenyan runners. I wonder what they make of it, coming from a very hot country at high altitude to run in one of the wettest countries on the planet, just a few yards from the sea. Husb managed to shave 6 minutes off last year’s time, despite the awful weather. I scribbled the dog-walkers on the beach which runs alongside the race route. It gives some idea of the bleak, windswept conditions. Maybe next year I’ll manage the 5k? 😀

Small Boy, Big Icecream, A Bee and A Flower

30 Sep

Ink drawing: small boy big icecream.


Today I babysat for my six-year old nephew and as we’re having a glorious Indian summer I took him out, around the local museums and galleries and then to an ice cream parlour for a rest and something to cool down with. He loves mint choc chip so he had a huge cornet, almost as big as his head. When we went back to the house he wanted to play on the computer or the Wii, but call me old-fashioned, I sent him out the garden to play in the rare sunshine and told him to make his own entertainment. Within minutes he was fascinated by the huge spider webs criss crossing the garden like sparkly net curtains – they’re everywhere – it’s been a great year for spiders.  Luckily he isn’t at all afraid of them. Then he noticed that our large and spectacular Sedum flowers were covered with bees, taking advantage of the late summer sunshine and the cornucopia of pollen provided by them. He sat down with a sketchbook and some pencils and drew this lovely little picture of a bee visiting a Sedum. Chip off the old block eh?

Pencil sketch: Owain's Bee Picture.

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